Want an "over the shoulder" look at how I setup ZOOM accounts for virtual live events?

Watch this video to see how we’ll do it together:

Together we will setup and optimize your account, 

from install to event day.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Step-by-step teaching: You likely used ZOOM, but how do you maximize it for live events? I’ll break down each setting so that you understand not only how but why behind each change we make. Simply create an account and follow along.

Video tutorials: You’ll receive 8 videos that are to-the-point. View my screen as I setup an account from scratch and demonstrate the features of ZOOM. Together, we’ll get your account optimized to go live.

Tutorial Videos Include…

Introduction to ZOOM

Optimizing Audio

Optimizing Video

Lighting Tips

Our Screensharing Secret (and why ZOOM screenshare is a bad idea)

How to Best Use ZOOM Chat

Physical & Virtual Backgrounds

Building Community through Breakout Rooms

Managing Breakout Sessions

Top 15 ZOOM Checklist: I’ll give you the exact checklist used by our clients to make sure that their ZOOM account is setup before “going live”. These 15 tips help you avoid the common mistakes event planners and presenters often make.

Engagement Tips: Connecting and building community through a camera is different than in-person. I’ll share how we use ZOOM to build connection and community while making sure attendees stay engaged.

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The Cost:

The cost to access this behind-the-scenes training is only $37.
A one-time fee for lifetime access.

It’s a tiny investment for detailed training, taught by a team responsible for over 300 live events per year.

You’ll learn how to setup your account from scratch and how to avoid issues on event day – even if you’re running the tech yourself.

The reason for the low price is simple: Our mission is to empower people through live events. We believe that a single event has the power to dramatically influence someone’s life for the better. Less than 8% of event hosts feel confident and comfortable with the tech needed for virtual live events. We’re changing that!

Hopping on our soap box… We want to replace boring (sales-pitchy) webinars with engaging live experiences that turn attendees into participants. It all starts by making sure you look, sound, and show up in the best way possible.

COVID-19 has leveled the playing field. Hosting a live event has never been easier or more affordable.

Now is your chance to take your message online – and make sure your connection is solid.
Stop putting it off. Let me take you step-by-step and we’ll cross off the checklist together.

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